Chicharones To Play Trailblazers Halftime Show


YEAH. Its been crazy for the ‘Chichis’ lately. The Chicharones’s anthem “Little by Little,” was feature

d in Best selling video game NBA2K11, one of only 25 songs in the whole game. “Where’s My Sandwich, There’s My Sandwich” has become THE signature diss on the playgrounds, yelled at a broken defender on route to

BUT…As long as the Blazers make playoffs, a second season begins, and so too does booking…Which is where the Chichis come in. As long as The Trailblazers make the playoffs, WE ARE IN, playing a playoff HALFTIME SHOW! In the meantime 6 Chicharones songs have been added to rotation for warm up music, playing in the concourse, and throughout the Rose Garden’s many events. Respects to Blazers DJ OG uncontested slam dunk. The Chicharones continue to tour constantly and are finishing off their new album: Swine Flew. The Chicharones continue to up their game. Camobear’s finest hit the offices of Todd Bosma, the Portland Trailblazers marketing maestro, and pitched Portland, Oregon’s own, The Almighty Chicharones, for an upcoming halftime show performance. The Blazers HQ is a well organized dream team, and after a delicious 3 course meal and many flutes of champagne, they told us, regretfully, they were already fully booked up for performances til the end of the season.

And to top it all off, Bosma tells Camobear, nonchalantly, should we ever need any Blazers tickets, just to let him know and he’d love to have us come through at the games. Martinez, Blazers superfan, and resident basketball nerd, who has already attended 15 home games this year, is officially in heaven. It will provide fodder for his upcoming track “I Love Sports”, and ode to loving all sports all the time. Sleep, whose more into xbox and bong rips, was asked how he felt when he heard the news the Chicharones would have a song in the NBA2K11 video game, he replied “Its incredible. I love soccer.”

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