Chicharones Cares: The Sandy Benefit Bundle

Having just returned from the East Coast, we want to help our new and old friends that were affected by this recent natural disaster.  Hurricane Sandy caused an incredible amount of damage and suffering to a region we have come to love.  We want to do our part to help in the recovery effort.
So, we created two special bundles of cool Chicharones merchandise you may or may not have seen us with on tour (cds, shirts, pantaloons, etc…) to help us raise money for the victims of Sandy. 25% of Profits from these bundles will go directly to Occupy Sandy care of The North Star Fund.The bundles:

Bundle 1: Swine Flew CD, Swine Country CD, Pork Grind Disco CD, T-shirt, bumper sticker, seedcard, and a signed Chichi poster = $50

Bundle 2:  Same As Bundle 1 + “Dr. Pig” Limited Edition Plush Doll = $100

This is a great opportunity to get yourself some sweet music at a discounted price.  More importantly, it is a great opportunity for The Chicharones to give back to the people who just paid to see us play.
Order your bundle deal at the Camobear Store by clicking HERE and help us help others.

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